"She has that kind of courage. To put impermanence in."  — Oddbill.com

F2F (face to face) / encaustic (wax) on plexiglas / each panel 2 x 6.5 feet

What are you looking at? I paint with wax on glass, layering images such that when the image is front-lit, you see one image, and when it is back-lit (or lit through the glass) you see a second image. Throughout this site you will see images with arrows [ < > ] click the arrows to virtually change the lights from front-lit to back-lit. Almost every image on the site will change or take you somewhere new. Explore!     

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SecondSight / Encaustic (wax) on Plexiglas / 16 x 6.5 feet

Untitled Glow (Silver Green) / wax on glass / 14 x 6 inches