"She has that kind of courage. To put impermanence in."  — Oddbill.com

China Lounge
20 x 6 feet. Two layers of encaustic (wax) painted on acrylic panels. Illuminated by an animated LED light show. The changing colored lights reveal and highlight different aspects of the paintings.

Painted by Charlie Levin. Lighting by Dustin Jay Edwards and Dan Cote. Structure by Karl Pisaturo. Conceived and commissioned by Kiri Rong on behalf of China Lounge, Pleasanton, California.

Daiane DaSilva from  Kinetech Arts . Photo by  Andrew Sherman Photography . Costume by  Sage Reed .  2014 March 22

Daiane DaSilva from Kinetech Arts. Photo by Andrew Sherman Photography. Costume by Sage Reed.  2014 March 22

The Return to Performance

Starting in early 2014, I started to collaborate with San Francisco-based Kinetech, a movement+technology company, to explore using their interactive projections as the light source for the paintings.  


Best Genre-Defying Sci-Artistic Collaborative
SF Weekly's "Best of San Francisco"

"Kinetech, a science and art collaborative that's just recently turned a year old, explores the way movement and art can be both scientifically interesting and aesthetically pleasing. Software developers, physicists, martial artists, dancers, engineers, and choreographers work together on projects that inevitably become more than the sum of their parts. Led by physicist Weidong Yang, the team has been collaborating on tactile and kinetic works of movement, dance, and living sculpture that promote experimentation and an intuitive understanding of the science of bodies. Get in on the action at one of the group's weekly labs, or check out one of their performances, parties, or installations."

F2F (face to face) / encaustic (wax) on plexiglas / each panel 2 x 6.5 feet

What are you looking at? I paint with wax on glass, layering images such that when the image is front-lit, you see one image, and when it is back-lit (or lit through the glass) a second image is revealed. The lighting is sometimes automated and sometimes triggered by the movement or presence of the viewer. The result is a theatrical, interactive, time-based painting ... constructing meaning from multiple states experienced over time in the mind of the viewer and delving into experiences of time, perception, and the layers of human understanding. 

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SecondSight / Encaustic (wax) on Plexiglas / 16 x 6.5 feet

Untitled Glow (Silver Green) / wax on glass / 14 x 6 inches