Wax on Glass

Called "encaustic" when used as a painting material, the translucency of wax on glass (and plexiglas) allows for a range of visual statements possible in no other medium. Changing only the light can completely transform what you see. How does it work? Contact me to start a conversation >

These can be hard to visualize. See videos of some in action > 

Glows and Swooshes

Controlling transparent and opaque pigments with light creates subtle and gentle glows. Some of these images are as small as three inches square. See larger versions of these glows and read more information >

Wax on glass interactive installations

Larger than life interactive installations, these paintings use timed lights paired with sensors that change the images upon engagement by the viewer, creating body-to-body visceral experiences. 

Other wax on glass

Other wax on panel and paper