Local Infinities

Wax & Wayne — The Performance

200 lbs. of wax create a surreal world of lunar cycles reflecting the binding relationship between creation and destruction as two characters trade places — one emerging from a wax shell, the other plunging into a vat of molten wax. A live wax painting starts the show, calling the world into being or responding to its existence and events. The audience watches the painting take form and change and change again. At the end, the painting is turned around and is something completely different. [ See panels from the Chicago run of this show ] / Photo by Sage Reed

Meghan Strell as "Wax" / Photo by John Musial


FringeNYC Excellence Award for Unique Theatrical Experience

Oerol Festival of Site-Specific Theater / The Netherlands / 2002
National Pastime Theater / Chicago / 2002
New York Fringe Festival / New York / 2003

Conceived by Meghan Strell, Larry Underwood & Charlie Levin
Performed by Meghan Strell, Larry Underwood, Charlie Levin & Tom Howe
Direction: John Musial
Composition: Tom Howe
Production Design: Sage Reed
Lighting Design: John Musial, Ben Spicer
Stage Management: Sarah Seaman

Charlie Levin / Photo by John Musial