Homing Devices

set design

Performer Tomoko Hiraoka performing in Homing Devices. Set is constructed out of AAA maps sewn together to create full-scale fabric.

Presented by The Wayfinders, and directed by Joy Cosculluela, Homing Devices is a work of dance theater, exploring stories of migration and home — the one we’re from and the one we’re striving to create.

The visual design incorporated a full surround crafted out of maps sewn together to create a new map of a new world— the world created when all our worlds (literal and figurative) are combined and take shape together. 

The Wayfinders are an international ensemble of dance and theatre artists many of whom have worked closely with dance pioneer Anna Halprin in Mountain Home Studio, Kentfield. They draw from The Tamalpa Life/Art Process and various art modalities — dance/movement, theatre, drawing, speaking, vocalizing — to create and reshape stories. 

Presented by 
The Wayfinders Performance Group / Shotwell Studios, San Francisco / 2012

Artistic direction: Joy Cosculluela with Amy Cranch, Maria Luisa Diaz de Leon, 
Tomoko Hiraoka, & Rosario Sammartino
Sound design: Laurie Buenafe
Visual design: Charlie Levin