Luminous / wax on Plexiglas with colored light / 6 x 20 feet / Permanently installed at China Lounge (Pleasanton, California)
LED interactive installation and smartphone app by San Francisco LED artists Dustin Jay Edwards and Dan Cote. Commissioned by Kiri Rong. Engineering by Carl Pisaturo. 

These paintings explore many states of the same image using nothing but animated colored light. The painting is constantly in motion and never just one thing.

As the color of the light changes, the colors in the painting change. The image below shows multiple states of the whole painting on the left — front-lit at the top, and some of the different color settings below. On the right, you can see a detail of a single panel and how it looks with different colored backlighting. 

Additionally, there’s an app. Viewers can just watch or take control, adding almost infinite variety.   The light installation and app were conceived and developed by San Francisco LED artists, Dustin Jay Edwards and Dan Cote