Local Infinities

The Queens Project


Tanera Marshall as Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, and  Kelly Van Kirk as her husband, Lord Darnley / Photos by Local Infinities

The conspirators, played by Russell Hardin, Rick Kubes, Kelly Van Kirk, Jonathan Watkins

Mary, Queen of Scots, in prison, played by Tanera Marshall

The Queens Project was inspired by Mary Stuart, a classical text by Friedrich Schiller. The story of two powerful queens pitted against each other in mortal strife captured our imagination. What transpired between them to force one queen to jeopardize the life of another? In Schiller's script the queens meet, but historical research revealed that the two queens never met which forced us to look at this story in a whole new light. It seems that the tragedy lies in what did not transpire between them. The inability of these opposite forces to meet pushed them off balance. But what prevented the meeting of two women, cousins and queens living in one isle and in one time? This question forced us to retell the story of Mary Stuart and Elizabeth Tudor.

The Queens Project incorporates actual quotes from its historical figures.


The Lunar Cabaret, Chicago / 1998

Conceived & Produced by Local Infinities : Charlie Levin & Meghan Strell
Raging Papist: Sharon Göpfert / Tanera Marshall
Written, Designed & Directed by Local Infinities with Raging Papist
Performers: Sharon Göpfert, Russell Hardin, Rick Kubes, Tanera Marshall, Kelly Van Kirk, Jonathan Watkins
Production Manager: Nadine Rambeau
Sound: Mark Comiskey
Lights: Kevin Freese