Local Infinities

Rope :: Order = Chaos

Charlie Levin / Photo by Meghan Strell

Different gauges of rope make visible ways we spin out our lives and how one person's path affects the shape of another's.

A single thread weaves a path, marks the journey and grows into a complex structure - beautiful, even as it trips and tangles.

2 inch rope calmly wraps itself around a person as she rolls along, weighing her down at each turn, constricting her breath until it is almost impossible for her to continue, though (with determination) she does.

1/2 inch rope provides a rappelling structure which supports and guides a person easily through the air until she gets caught in the web of thread below. Struggling, she pulls herself up, stretching the web vertically into an enormous network that fills the entire volume of the playing space.


Full Moon Vaudeville /  MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) Chicago / 1999

Created by Charlie Levin & Meghan Strell
Performer/Collaborators: Meghan Strell, Charlie Levin, Jennifer Onopa
Accompanied by original live viola music composed by Michael Zerang and performed by Shelley Weiss