Single Point Perspective — The One Truthiness

photo by Mark Tuschman

Featured in the San Francisco Weekly


Audiences say ...

"Provocative and brilliantly performed" — "Art on a scale grander than imagination" — "The most interesting, thought-provoking, creative performance I have ever been to" 

"Profound" — "Moving" — "Amazing" — "Beautiful, powerful, poignant, should not be missed" — "We talked about it all weekend." 

"One of the best shows I’ve seen this year (I see about 2–3 theater/art shows a month)" — "Shows us how little we see, how little we know, how little we understand" — "I've never seen anything like it."  — "The most selfless piece of performance art I've ever seen."


"A splendid adventure. I am changed by you and your work, a tiny bit more open, a bit more bold, very encouraged and ever pragmatically optimistic." — Dr. Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD


"I have been thinking about Charlie’s Single Point Perspective show all day. Could you please let her know how thought-provoking, challenging, and ultimately uplifting I found her show? It is so difficult in the midst of a complex and challenging societal discourse to clear out a space to look at the dialogue from a new and illuminating perspective. Charlie brought so many artistic and intellectual strands together in a sort of a real time, interactive tapestry — I am still trying to figure out how she created such a magical experience from seemingly simple ingredients. The music was hypnotic, the readings exquisitely chosen, and the painting was spellbinding. Thank you!"

photo by Irene Hsiao

Painted live in front of an audience, this piece of interactive theater and visual art uses the creation of the painting itself to build a story where each layer changes our understanding of the whole. Each addition, removal, and change exists in relationship to all the others. In the end, the painting is an artifact of a history. Only those there to witness the creation will recognize all the pieces that went into it. Inspired by recent events near and far, including the movement for black lives, the elegiac text blends Facebook posts, Twitter feeds, personal interviews, and other quotes with original reflections on perspective, race, conflict, grief, and loss. This piece explores truth, complexity, and nuance in a world where all points of view and choices of action are happening simultaneously, a world in which we are all implicated. 

The audience reads a text provided. The painting is created in response to it. The audience controls the speed and tone of the text, sharing responsibility in the creation of the shared "body" represented by the painting. Everyone in the room creates the event together. 

In this unique and intimate performance, experience how both truth and art are created — by many single perspectives together. 

"This is a person. And this is a person.
Are they friend? or foe?
Victim? or villain?
Are they coming toward you? or falling away?"

San Francisco International Arts Festival 2016
Fort Mason, San Francisco

Workshop production originally presented by
Kinetech Arts Featured Artist Series
Tuesday December 16, 2015
SAFEHouse for the Arts, San Francisco.