Local Infinities

The Amazing Sparky :: The Electricity Clown Show

Charlie Levin and Meghan Strell / Photo by Katja Heinemann

Two scientist clowns enter in procession, one with a candle, and the other with a box. One scientist places a bare light bulb and socket on the box while the other blows the flame from the candle into the bulb. Pleased with the results, the scientists test the repeatability of this experiment by blowing the light from one bulb to the next. Believing they are in control, the scientists make greater demands of the spark asking it to travel longer distances, at faster speeds and finally through hoops until the spark rebels and gets the best of them.


Cirq Noir / Gnu Yak, Chicago / 1997

Created & Performed by Charlie Levin and Meghan Strell


Photos by Katja Heinemann