Single Point Perspective: The One Truthiness

Painted live in front of an audience, this piece of interactive theater and visual art uses the creation of the painting itself to build a story where each layer changes our understanding of the whole. Each addition, removal, and change exists in relationship to all the others. In the end, the painting is an artifact of a history. Only those there to witness the creation will recognize all the pieces that went into it. Inspired by recent events nearby (Ferguson, Eric Garner, #BlackLivesMatter) and far (Israel), this piece explores complexity and nuance in a world that goes on in real time, in which all points of view, and choices of action are happening simultaneously, in which we are all implicated. 

The audience reads a text provided. The painting is created in response to it. The audience controls the speed and tone of the text, sharing responsibility in the creation of the shared "body" represented by the painting. Everyone in the room creates the event together. 

From the text,Single Point Perspective: The One Truthiness, written by Charlie Levin, read by the audience.

"Looking at a series of lines on a flat surface, we see space. We recognize our world. We project our understanding and perception of the world onto these lines. We create the illusion in our minds. One can protect the point of view in a painting. Everyone sees from the same vantage point. In real life, though, in three-dimensional space plus time, things are different. You see something different from where you are standing than I do. And the deeper the view, the more distortion"

"This is a person. And this is a person.
Are they friend? or foe?
Victim? or villain?
Are they coming toward you? or falling away?"

Presented by
Kinetech Arts Featured Artist Series
Tuesday December 16, 2015 // 8:30 PM
Kunst-Stoff Studio, 1 Grove Street, San Francisco.