Local Infinities

Wax (v.) To Come to Be

Linda Solotaire, Meghan Strell, and Sheri Doyle / Photo by Charlie Levin


Women encased in wax break free from their elegant shells and struggle to develop a relationship with visibility and vulnerability while learning to craft and shape their own lives. Thus begins a transformation from inanimate object to active subject.

wax (v.)
to grow, increase 
to increase gradually in size and strength 
to increase in number 
to increase in size, quantity, volume, intensity, etc.
to increase in potency
to advance in power, importance, prosperity, etc.
to undergo the periodical increase in the extent of its visible illuminated portion 
to become gradually greater or more striking 
to amount to 
to be born or created 
to come into being, spring up, begin, arise, occur
to become gradually, grow
to become, turn 
to come to be


Daughters of Memory Performance Series
Links Hall, Chicago / 2000

Created by Meghan Strell and Charlie Levin
With Direction from KellyAnn Corcoran
Performer/Collaborators: Hilary Mac Austin, Sheri Doyel, Heather Ireland, Charlie Levin, Linda Solotaire, Meghan Strell
Sound: Mark Comiskey

Presented as part of Links Hall Performance Series "Daughters of Memory" curated by Local Infinities.